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HI, and welcome to my photography blog. I am so happy you stopped by to visit. My name is Emily Flint and I live in the Boise area with my husband and 3 kids. Check here for all the latest news, specials and, of course, sneak peaks of all my latest sessions. I love photography! And I especially love to photograph the most special moments you share together as a family. I hope my love for what I do reflects in each image you view. I truly cherish each moment with my own children, but I've all too quickly learned that those moments are fleeting and will not last forever. However, each moment we choose to record today will become a timeless memory that will only continue to grow sweeter and sweeter with every passing day. Don’t forget to stop today and capture one! And yes, I will be more than willing to help with that one. . .
Feel free to check out my website to see more pictures, learn about my prices, and book a session!

Modeling "Adorable Clothing and More" by Leslie McDougal

Check out "Adorable Clothing and More Blog at
(blog is still under construction so stay tuned for updated posts and info)





Megan said...

ok!!! i love these pictures. you are amazing!! when can i get a time?

Justin.Kyla.Kystin said...

amazing job as usual emily!!! missin' ya around here .... i tried to go to Leslie's blog and check out her dresses because my nieces birthday is coming up soon but none of her links work :( I'll keep checking back

Erin said...

She is so cute! Okay email is Plus, I'm looking to book during week 2-4 of September sometime. Let me know.